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Recorded at Atak Studios on July 12, 2013.

Lead Vocals: Rien Oortgiesen
Guitar: Julian Klaassen
Drums: Chris Hofs
Bass & vocals: Mark Lindhout


released January 10, 2014

Recording, Blood sugar: Jurjen Karelse and Ravian de Vries

Mixing, mastering: Ton Oortgiesen




BUIS Netherlands

BUIS is the resonance of the transdimensional tunnel through all of reality —or a stoner-doom 4-piece from The Netherlands.

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Track Name: Shadows in the Glass
Hundreds of choices
none for escape

Washed in red waters
of two-faced redemption

Gone, all my errors
Welcome, my win

For if he is with us
who can resist?

Lost, all strange ways
pure prime-time bliss

Tucked in nightly
with death on your mind

Justice reviewing. You
through bullet-proof glass of dreams
Track Name: Moloch
Magnificent moloch of yesteryear
you consume, bar wonder nor pity

In you goes culture and beauty
the treasures of peace and mind

away you carry the bones
the framework so heavily won

No longer have we it to build on
for eaten by moloch, it’s gone
Track Name: Pitch
Truth be told
Lie be sworn

Zero sensed words
that reveal

Purified by
black tears

This beauty
so real

A mask to bleed through
The source unknown
The stone this was written on is broken now.
Willed level columns toppled with fakes of wit.
Cares and polite reluctance —gone— All blown away.
Smoldering books are only light if you see like us

Speared thoroughly through heart and loin and earth.
Warm welcomes always with burning tires and drums.
Strange to see how suicidal nature really is.
You’d expect to be immune to blight if you look like us

Here we are again

Obscure redeemers see perfect health and glory pass.
Falling asleep again, to a sharply flickering throne.
In the end your worries disappear, together with the thorn.
Here we are again. A base to build nothing on

Here we are again
Track Name: Stuck in three thousand
Twelve twenty-two and ticking
Tantalum's twisting turns
Taking its toll on thinking
Veritable acid burn

Succulence improved by aging
beautiful marginal skins

Spanned across fragments and whale bone
where mysticism fills the void

Like children running to freedom
losing their way in the glass house maze
Dreaded life dissolved in guise
broken soul solved in disguise

Two hails now, one to god
spin new truth of clotting blood

Smoke and mirrors lead the way
here’s your fucking truth, now lie